GC Therapy

GC Therapy carries, not only the initials of my name Ginette Cheung, but also the meaning of ‘Genuine Connection’. As a psychologist, I believe that active and genuine listening allows me to connect with everyone who receives psychological counselling, letting me gain a deeper understanding of their inner world.  What’s more important is that I hope everyone can connect with their inner self during the counselling process. Genuine connection with your inner self is the key to knowing yourself more so as to reduce your internal conflicts. Let us overcome emotional and psychological problems together through genuine connection.

GC Therapy gives you an opportunity to understand yourself and explore your strengths for coping your challenges. If you are facing yours challenges, GC Therapy can assist you to regain your confidence, release your stress and alleviate your negative emotions through psychotherapies and counselling.

“Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.” by Carl Jung