What is the relationship between Cancer and Psychological Well-being?

Cancer diagnosis is a distressing event for the patients and their family. In the course of treatment, they may experience complicated emotions, such as sadness, disappointment, anger, distress, etc., also, may cause depression or anxiety. If the patients and their family suffer from long-term emotional distress and psychological stress, and without proper treatment, it will not only affect the quality of life or interpersonal relationship, but also affect the process of cancer treatment.

Why psychological counselling is an important support for cancer patients & their family?

In different stages of cancer and treatment, patients and their family may experience different emotional distress and stress. They are not only worried about the effectiveness of treatment, the probability of recurrence, etc., but also the patients may lose self-confidence and self-image, because of the changes in their role and physical appearance under the treatment process, this may also influence interpersonal relationship. If the stress and emotional disturbance are not properly managed, it will affect quality of life, and even the treatment process.

The goal of counselling will vary, which according to individual situation and needs. It includes alleviating emotions and stress, establishing appropriate coping skills, getting along with family members (such as partners or children), relaxation techniques, pain management, improving sleeping quality, self-confidence and self-image, and grief management, etc.

Psychological counselling is not only necessary for cancer patients, but also for their family members or caregivers. Counselling can help you to maintain a healthy psychological well-being, and improve your positive attitude towards the treatment process.